Ethical Fashion through Shop For Asha

We all love fashion! We all love shopping and we love wearing the coolest and trendiest clothes.

But have you ever stopped to think about how are these garments impacting the environment and the society we live in?

The truth is the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to human trafficking and environmental pollution.

In the quest of keeping up with fast fashion and increasing profit margins, most big brands end up exploiting their labour. Extremely poor working conditions, excessive working hours, below average pay, child labour is the sad truth of our fashion industry.

At Shop For Asha we believe in ethical clothing and fair trade clothing. We believe in using fashion to doing good. Doing good not only for the employees who create our products for you, but also doing good to the community we live in. We believe in transforming lives with every product that is made and sold at Shop For Asha.

Doing good to the community we live in:

All profits at Shop For Asha go towards supporting providing good quality education/ employable skills and a safe home to orphaned children and trafficked women in India.

  • Helping Orphaned Children

Shop for Asha helps children from various difficult backgrounds including - orphans, semi orphans, children from backgrounds of commercial sex trade, children from families affected by HIV/AIDS by providing a safe space, loving care, healthy food and good quality English medium education for children at-risk. Today we have 21 homes, each home has 10 kids who are looked after by a loving house mom and a service staff. Many of these kids have gone on to successfully graduate college often topping classes and receiving special Prime Minister Scholarships and even getting employed at big IT companies such as Infosys.

  • Helping Single moms stand on their feet:

Shop For Asha helps equipping women at-risk with skills that could lead them to employment and eventual economic self-sustenance. These include courses in basic computers, desk top publishing, beautician, spoken English, tailoring and maggam work. Close to 89% of students going through our courses have found jobs after graduation.


Doing good to the employees who create our products for you

Shop For Asha believes in ethically made clothing. It provides employment to 25 women, who help produce our products for you. Most of these women have not received any form of education their entire life and yet through Shop For Asha they are the only earning member in their families. Shop for Asha make sure we provide each of these women with:

  • Decent salary, above industry standards.
  • Safe well-lit and ventilated working conditions
  • No excessive working hours
ethical fashion


    Thus, when you are purchasing a product at Shop for Asha, you are not just buying a product, you are transforming and empowering lives.

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