What if we told you that you could look good while also doing good?

Shop for Asha is your go-to store for the latest in clothing. Styled by a group of talented designers, our collections will ensure that you stay on top of current fashion trends. Additionally, all profits from Shop for Asha go towards supporting the incredible life-transforming work of Asha Jyothi.


Situated in Hyderabad, Asha Jyothi has been finding innovative ways to find sustainable solutions to fight the evils of human trafficking and Child labour. Their programs include the provision of safe homes, quality education and skill training for orphans, school dropouts, single mothers, girls rescued from commercial sex trade and families affected by HIV/AIDS among others.


All designs at the store are inspired from artwork (drawings, embroidery, mehendi designs) of our beneficiaries, giving them an opportunity to contribute to the solution. So, every time you make a purchase at Shop for Asha, you shop to bring hope. The garment factories at shop for Asha not only create employment opportunities for women in the community but also ensure that they receive fair wages and safe working environments.

Head to our store to look good and feel good today!